Friday, 11/10School Closed – Parent/Teacher Conferences

Wednesday, 11/22 – Fri 11/24School Closed – Thanksgiving Break



Friday, 12/1 – Registration begins for the 2024-2025 School Year

Friday, 12/1 – Second Semester Tuition Due

Friday, 12/18-Monday, 1/2School Closed – Winter Break




Mrs. G. & Mrs. Obaker

What fun we had with your 2s on Halloween! We could not believe they kept their costumes on the whole time, even masks! This month we will talk about Thanksgiving and the things that we are thankful for. The children will be busy with art projects as we make harvest corn pictures, pumpkin pie magnets and turkeys using leaves. The school will smell delicious because we will be making corn bread, homemade applesauce, and mini pumpkin pies.  Your kids are wonderful, and we are having so much fun with them!


Mrs. Brown & Mrs. Musci

Our classroom is embracing Fall and the season’s gifts this month! We’ll be busy exploring apples, pumpkins, and will have some Halloween fun. The month will start with learning about how apples grow and apple trees. We’ll use the fruit for taste testing, stamping and making art, and learning about sinking and floating. As we move into our unit on pumpkins, students will learn about the life cycle, we’ll “dissect” one as a class, and we’ll make a “pumpkin” of our own. The end of the month finds us celebrating Halloween! Stay tuned for more specific information about our class’s Halloween party and details in ClassTag. We will wish Mrs. Musci well on her maternity leave this month and welcome Mrs. Joyce to our classroom!


Mrs. Bosher & Mrs. Pawlak

November already?! I can hardly believe it. Our month starts with a brief unit on nocturnal animals. We will practice sorting, work on multi-step directions with our crafts and read books starring all of our nocturnal animal friends. We will then learn about Thanksgiving with an emphasis on farms. On our farmyard journey we will learn where all that yummy food on our Thanksgiving plates comes from and talk about making healthy choices. We will discuss the people who work on the farm and the tools and vehicles that they use. A farm unit would be incomplete without talking about animals found on the farm! Classics such as ‘Big Red Barn’ by Margaret Wise, ‘Duck on a Bike’ by David Shannon and ‘Click Clack Moo- Cows That Type’ by Doreen Cronin will be read. As we near the holiday our focus will shift to the importance of gratitude. *** Donations of food/cooking magazines (to be used during our Thanksgiving unit) would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


Mrs. Howe & Mrs. Powell

And just like that, it is November!  The class has really begun to meld together and have a lot of fun, especially when we are working on our projects. We will explore a unit on emotions and learn new words and discuss “cold prickly” and “warm fuzzy”.  After that we will move to our unit on family and finally Thanksgiving. During this time, our focus will be on everything that we are thankful for in our lives. We will even make our own cranberry sauce to send home for your feasts.  


Thanksgiving is the perfect time to remember how fortunate we are.  We thank you for choosing Dulaney Day Preschool to join in the journey with your children.  We adore them and appreciate the support from our parents!