Thursday, Feb 10thValentines Day Party – T/Th 2s 

Friday, Feb 11thValentines Party – Mrs. Pullias

Monday, Feb 14thValentines Party – M/W 2s, 3s, and Mrs. Howe

Monday, Feb 21st – President’s Day (school closed)




Week of the 1st – Third trimester tuition due





Mrs. G. & Mrs. Obaker

In the month of February, we will be learning about heart shapes and Valentine’s Day. We will talk about friendships and loved ones. Our art activities will include lots of hearts and the colors, red, pink, and purple. We will transform a cinnamon roll into a heart shape during the baking activity. For our Valentine’s Day party, we will pass out Valentine’s and place each one in a bag that we decorated. To make this easier, we ask that when you bring in Valentine’s from your son/daughter, just write who it was from. We will also learn about arctic animals and explore how animals like polar bears keep warm in their cold homes. February may be a short month, but it sure will be busy and lots of fun!


Mrs. Brown & Mrs. Musci

We’ll begin this month by wrapping up our unit on arctic animals, exploring the ways animals stay warm and their resourcefulness in surviving the climate. Next, we’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day with themed sensory and counting activities and of course a party! After that, we’ll begin our unit on community helpers, the real community heroes! We’ll touch on lots of different occupations including mail carriers, police officers, fire fighters, doctors, and dentists. There will be so much fun dramatic role playing as we’ll set up part of the classroom like a doctor’s office, we’ll practice putting out “fires,” and will deliver mail and even send some mail home. As always, check the ClassTag app for regular updates about our busy, fun-filled mornings!


Mrs. Bosher & Mrs. Pawlak

We had so much fun using books to journey our way through our Winter theme in January! The first week of February we will wrap up our Winter theme with a unit on Polar animals. The 2nd week of February will find us revisiting our Friendship unit from the beginning of the year and celebrating Valentine’s Day. When buying or making Valentine’s remember that our classroom has 12 students. Please do not write names on the Valentine’s as that makes it very hard for the children to exchange them in a timely manner

The last 2 weeks of February will be spent talking about Community Helpers! The unit will give us more opportunities for matching, sorting, counting and letter recognition. This unit is sure to be a hit with all my wonderful little classroom helpers.


Mrs. Pullias & Mrs. Joyce

Our 4’s class will begin February with a few fun Groundhog Day activities and then introduce our unit on “The Post Office”. We will discuss the different ways people communicate and learn about mail delivery, addresses, zip codes, and many other sequencing, reading, writing, number recognition and matching activities. We will also open our very own “Dulaney Day Post Office”. On February 11th, our Valentine’s Day activities will include a special “Celebration of Friendship!” Later in the month we will begin our unit on “The Dentist” to help us learn about keeping our teeth clean and healthy. Of course, we will also open “The Dulaney Day Dentist Office!”  Our Amazing Alphabet Adventure will continue with the letters L, M, N and O and while February may be the shortest month, we are filling it up with many fun activities!


Mrs. Howe & Mrs. Powell

We have wrapped up winter and hibernation (unfortunately we are not done with winter)!  For the first two weeks of February, we will be diving into our Post Office Unit and doing a lot of letter writing and delivering mail.  We will incorporate Valentine’s Day into this unit.   Our party will be Monday, February 14th.  Friends are more than welcome to bring in valentines for their friends.  Because we will be in the middle of our Post Office unit, I encourage the students to write their friends’ names on them as well as their own names.  Each student will have an individual mailbox throughout the unit to receive mail.   We will be using to USPS send valentines to special people in our lives and to ourselves – more details to follow on that.   We will move onto our dental unit and our body/health unit for the last weeks of February. Mrs. Powell and I continue to be amazed and overjoyed with your children’s progress and enthusiasm.