Tuesday, Apr 2 – End of Spring break – School resumes

Friday, Apr 12 – School Closed – Parent/Teacher Conferences

Monday, Apr 8 – Apr 12 – Scholastic Book Fair

Wednesday, Apr 24 – Field Trip – Cromwell Valley – 3s & 4s




Wednesday, May 22 – Last day of school M/W 2s

Thursday, May 23 – Last day of school – T/Th 2s

Friday, May 24 – Last day of school 3s & 4s

                      – 4s Graduation Celebration

            – 3s End of Year Picnic

Tuesday, May 28 – Dulaney Day Extended Camp – begins at 9:30




Mrs. G. & Mrs. Obaker

April is here and it is finally spring! Your children continue to grow and develop, and it is a privilege to be a part of that!  April will be a busy month for the 2s. We will explore insects including, ladybugs, and caterpillars and the beautiful changes that take place in nature! The warmer weather will make our playground time a perfect time to explore. Spring had sprung! 


Mrs. Brown & Mrs. Musci

The warmer weather is here, and we’ll be enjoying all spring has to offer and wrapping up our unit on spring that we started before the break. From there we’ll take a look at plants and flowers, learning about their life cycle, what they need to grow, and doing some gardening of our own. This will be a nice tie-in with our field trip to Cromwell Valley! After our unit on plants, we’ll start talking about bugs and insects with an emphasis on appreciating the wonders of earth’s tiniest creatures. We’ll begin our “Student of the Day” project where each child will have a special opportunity to showcase a bit of themselves for their classmates. Please check ClassTag for more details about this and for updates on our classroom day-to-day. 


Mrs. Bosher & Mrs. Pawlak

Spring has finally sprung, and we have been having so much fun learning about it! Once we return from spring break, we will finish up our unit on Spring by talking about Springtime animals and weather. There will even be an experiment! Look for our plants to come home soon. The fun continues when we begin an Insect unit at the end of the month and explore all things creepy crawly. Life cycles will be a focus and we will witness metamorphosis firsthand. 



Mrs. Howe & Mrs. Powell

With spring finally here and (hopefully!) no more snow we’re moving on to the wonderful changes that occur during this beautiful season! From seed to flower and caterpillar to butterfly, we will explore and discuss how things change and grow. We’ll also observe the Spring weather and see if April showers really do bring May flowers! Of course, we will read, The Very Hungry Caterpillar and use the book as a basis for many fun activities, including making our own caterpillar snack! We are also going to have fun looking at pictures and creating sentences to describe what we see! This season lends itself to many beautiful arts and craft projects, so we will indeed be very busy this month!


We are still taking registration forms for Dulaney Day Extended (Camp) which will run from Tuesday, May 28th – Friday, June 7th. If you need a registration form, just email, or ask me!

We have a few openings in the 3 day 3s class for the fall. Feel free to pass this along to anyone that may be interested.

Thank you for taking the time to come in for conferences. Your continued support is greatly appreciated!

Save the date for a 4s graduation ceremony on the last day of school, May 24th at 9:30 am! Invitation with additional information to follow.