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Dulaney Day Preschool

January Newsletter 2018

Happy New Year!


Tuesday, January 2nd– School reopens

Monday, January 15th-Martin Luther King Jr. birthday (school closed)


Tuesday, February 13th– 2s Valentine’s Day Party

Wednesday, February 14th– 3s & 4s Valentine’s Day Party

Monday, February 19th– President’s Day (school closed)

-Third Trimester Tuition Due


What’s Happening This Month…


With winter finally here, we will be learning about bears, penguins, snowmen and mittens, all signs of cold weather. We will be talking about hibernation and baking bear claws. After we dress a snowman in a hat and scarf, we will make snowman pancakes! January is always a month of discovery and fun! It is so nice to back with your little ones.


With winter here, we will start with a unit on pairs or two things that look alike.  We will be discussing a pair of mittens for a pair of hands, a pair of shoes for a pair of feet and a pair of glasses for a pair of eyes.  We will use the book, The Mitten by Jane Brett, as a chance for us to learn to tell a story using puppets.  Be on the lookout for our Designer Mittens which will be coming home for you to decorate with your little one.  Just remember, both mittens look exactly the same.  Then, at the end of the month, we will start our unit on Fish.  When the children come to school one day, they will be greeted with three new fish. We will watch and make our own observations.  We will learn that fish can be many colors, that they swim together in a school, must live in water, breathe through gills and much more.  We will read   wonderful books like, Swimmy, A Fish Out of Water, and Fish Is Fish.  We will end the moth with our fish luncheon.  Lots of things going on in the threes this January.


Mrs. Pullias’ class will begin January by discussing the New Year and the new season of winter.  We will explore the many ways people, animals and plants adjust to the changes of the season and we will also spend time studying and learning about the different types of winter weather.  This magical season also provides us with many opportunities to have fun with math and language skills as we learn about patterns, pairs, 1-1 correspondence, addition, matching weather words and more.  The celebration of Martin Luther King’s birthday will provide us with a wonderful reminder of our ongoing discussion of friendship, caring and kindness to all people.  Our Amazing Alphabet Adventure will continue with K, L, M, and N.  At the end of the month, we will celebrate this winter season with our Slipper Day and our Hibernation Picnic.  A fun month for sure!

Extended Day

I have always found that winter is a great time to ‘cozy’ up with a good book.  This is exactly what we will be doing in Extended Day this month.  We will read lots of stories by some of our favorite authors and illustrators and use them to inspire our art work and activities.  If your child would like to bring in a book from home, we would love to read it together!

 Director’s Notes

What a special holiday season.  I would like to thank the parents of our 3s and 4s who so generously participated in our Pajama Program.  I delivered them to the House of Ruth over break.  They were overwhelmed by your generosity!  Please share with your children that they made a difference to others!  What a wonderful lesson.