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What a difference a month makes.  Your little ones are doing great!  We are so proud of what they have accomplished already and this month is going to be a very exciting one in our class.  Since your little ones

are only with us two days a week, we will get busy on our Halloween theme right away.  We will carve a pumpkin and look inside.  Using the pumpkin pulp, we will make pumpkin muffins.  The kids will paint bats using marbles to help and make delicious bat cookies.  Then on to making ghosts -believe it or not, they will use their feet to paint the ghosts!  And of course, the children will enjoy their Trick or Treat bags and witches’ hats made out of Crescent Rolls.  Our class mom will contact you to send in some goodies for our Halloween bags.


Mrs. Howe, Mrs. Klein and all the children had such a good time with our “color” activities.  We already know our Primary Colors and have done some experiments making the Secondary Colors using just red, yellow and blue.  October will find us talking about “JUST THE NICEST TIME OF ALL, SUMMER IS OVER AND NOW IT IS FALL.  What better fruit to talk about at this time of year than the “apple”.  We will become scientists again as we taste all the different apples and learn to ‘describe’ them.  We will cook with them and even see how tall we are using ‘apples’ as our ruler.

As the month moves along, we will get into the holiday spirit and start talking about Halloween.  We will continue to reiterate the difference between ‘real’ and ‘make believe’ and emphasize that Halloween is a holiday of pretend. Look for more information about our Halloween party in your little one’s TOTE.  Trick or Treat bags, witches, pumpkins and more will fill our art time.  October is a beautiful and busy month and we can’t wait to share it with your children through art and music!

Our Fall Harvest Trip is Friday, October 20th!


October will find Mrs. Pullias’ class off to a great start as we learn more about Safety, Police Officers and Firefighters as we observe Fire Prevention week.  We will then “jump” into Fall and learn about the wonderful changes that occur this month.  Look for some beautiful arts and crafts as we celebrate the beauty of this season.  Our Amazing Alphabet Adventure will continue with the letters B, C, D & E.

As the month comes to an end, we will get ready for our “SPOOKTACULAR” Halloween Party and our trip to Cromwell Park for the FALL HARVEST on the 25th.


We are really having a wonderful time in Extended Day this year.  We have many children coming on a regular basis and it is such fun for me to work with them.  This month, the children will embrace the season of FALL.  We will talk about colors, and the changes in the trees and the clothes we now wear.  We will emphasize the importance of “looking around” during this season to see all its’ beauty.  And of course, as October comes to an end, we will get into the holiday of Boo, Whoooo and Meow, as we focus on Halloween.


Your children are so immersed in the routine and doing so well. Thank you for all of your support.  I did want to mention a few things about Halloween.  This can be a difficult holiday for many children.  Each is just discovering who he/she is and now we want them to dress up as someone or something else.  In each of the classes, we will continue to emphasize that Halloween is just PRETEND.  If your child wants to dress up, that is just fine and if not, that is fine as well.  Please send in a change of clothes that day as most of the children shed their costumes within an hour.

As the weather starts to get colder, please send in a new change of clothing (winter) to keep in your child’s cubby.  We will send home the others.  FALL is really here and it feels wonderful.