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September is a busy month at Dulaney Day Pre-School as we welcome the students to school.  The children will become comfortable in their new classrooms and in their new routines.  The twos will be busy cooking and exploring the world of “apples”.  Their hands will be filled with flour and butter.  The threes will become artists as they explore primary colors and then experiment with them to make secondary colors.  They will be using marbles, sponges, pine needles and their fingers as they create their works of art.  The fours are learning what makes each of them unique.  Friendships will be renewed and new friendships made.

Music classes will start in both threes and fours.  In addition, our threes will take a field trip to Cromwell Park for the Fall Harvest.  Here they will shuck corn, squeeze apples to make cider and visit the pumpkin patch.

Welcome back students.  We are looking forward to a great school year!