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Dulaney Day Preschool Newsletter

September, 2018


September                                                                                                           October


4th – 7th  Orientation                                                                                     30th – T/TH 2s Parade

10th – Rosh Hashanah – School Closed                                                        31st – Halloween Parade

19th – Yom Kippur – School Closed


What’s Happening This Month………….


Open House for the 2s was wonderful!  Your children did just great.  Mrs. Howe and I can not wait for the school year to begin.  We will begin the year talking about apples.  The 2s will practice their small motor skills by tearing paper and gluing it to a paper plate to resemble an apple. As well as making apple trees out of tissue paper and using buttons for the apples.  We will get started right away with baking.  Apple biscuits and muffins will make the whole school smell delicious!



Mrs. Bosher and Mrs. Trivedi are so excited to welcome your children to the preschool 3s! We will be starting the year getting to know each other with an All About Me unit.  Then, we will talk about all of those big feelings and how to be a good friend with our Emotions unit.  At the end of the month, we will start talking about the signs of Fall.  Then, we will sink our teeth into a unit on Apples!


The month of September will find Mrs. Pullias and Powell’s class filled with exciting new beginnings.  We are thrilled to be moving upstairs!  The children will be busy greeting old and new friends, exploring the classroom with new learning centers and activities.  Our first themes this month are, Welcome to School and Getting to Know You.  Both of these units lend themselves to many terrific learning activities and arts and crafts projects, so don’t forget to check those folders when they come home.  We will also introduce our Friend of the Week program and our Amazing Alphabet Adventure.  We will end the month of September with a unit on Safety as we head into Fall.  We are already off to a great start and are excited to be working with your child this year!


Director’s Notes

The beginning of the school year is often marked by mixed emotions.  Parents who feel excited and enthusiastic about what lies ahead may also yearn a bit for the lazy less structured days of summer.  Perhaps embracing the inevitable growth in their children but wishing to preserve and freeze time too.  It is safe to say that we all approach the beginning of the school year with a variety of sentiments and our children are no exception.

It has been a treat to watch our little ones enter the building as they arrive.  Some bound in the building while others with a little more apprehension.  Often times, the beginning of the school year feels both invigorating and overwhelming.  In time, for all of us, uncertainty becomes familiarity and the school year at Dulaney Day Preschool begins to feel like home.  How lucky we are that you have shared your little ones with us. It is going to be a fantastic year!