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Dulaney Day Preschool


 Tuesday, April, 3rd   – School reopens                                                  


Thursday, May, 10thMother’s Tea for the 4s 10:30 -12:00

Wednesday, May, 23rd   3s field trip

 Thursday, May, 24th   – Last day of classes for the 2s                                                                                                                              Field trip to Uncle Wiggly’s

                                                    – 4s Picnic

Friday, May, 25thLast day of classes for the 3s and 4s

                                      – Picnic for the 3s


 What’s Happening ……………………………………………………………………………..


Hopefully, April will bring us warmer weather!  It is going to be a fun and busy month for the 2s.   The children will be learning about sunflowers and making sunflower biscuits.  Then, we will discuss bumble bees and make honey cornbread muffins – we know the bees would love them!  We will know spring is really here when as the butterflies arrive.  Students will create their own butterflies and bake yummy butterfly cupcakes!


We will start April with our favorite unit, DINOSAURS.  We will learn everything about these exciting animals as we delve into their lives and times.  And then, spring must be here, so we will talk about things that grow and the fact that everything that grows comes from a seed.  It will be a very exciting month for sure.


With spring finally here, April will find Mrs. Pullias’ class busy exploring and learning about the many wonderful changes that occur during this season.  From caterpillar to butterfly and seed to flower, we will discuss how things grow and change.  We will also observe the spring weather and see if April showers really do bring May flowers!  Of course, we will read, The Very Hungry Caterpillar and use the book as a basis for many fun activities, including making our own caterpillar snack!  Our Amazing Alphabet Adventure will continue with the letters V, W and X and we will continue to work on our writing, counting and number recognition skills.  This season lends itself to many beautiful arts and craft projects, so we will indeed be very busy this month!


We will jump into spring with ART this month in Extended Day.  The children who come to me in the afternoon have been so wonderful and have allowed me to use all of my art training to “CREATE” and I am sure you know, I just love it!

Spring is a great time to be thinking about getting your soon-to-be Kindergartners ready for the long school day to come next year.  Extended Day offers a relaxed way to give your child an all-day experience with the peace of mind knowing he/she will be just fine.  During the last two months of school, I will be making an extra effort with the “4’s” to be sure they are ready to take on the lunch room in Kindergarten.  So far, most of the children have done well with opening containers and making good choices about which part of their lunch should be eaten first.  Since most love to “dine”, we will see if we can eat our lunch in under thirty minutes. HA!  We do have such fun in Extended Day.


I just wanted to thank you all again for helping at the Scholastic Book Fair.  It was very successful and I hope the children are enjoying their new books.   In addition, Grandparents Day was wonderful on so many levels.  They were so cute with their grandchildren and we appreciate their generosity.

There still are openings in Dulaney Day Extended so if you are interested, please send in your registration.  It is a great three weeks of nature, science, art and music.  If you lost the Registration form, you can download it from our website  Please let me know if you have any questions.  Mrs. Klein and I can’t wait.

School pictures went home and they are adorable!  Please send them back as soon as possible (preferably, before April 6th).  Directions as to how to order are in each packet.

Happy spring everyone!