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February Newsletter



Tuesday, 13th – Valentine’s Party 2s

Wednesday, 14th – Valentine’s Party 3s and 4s

Monday, 19th – President’s Day – school closed



Thursday, 1st  Third Trimester Tuition Due  2s – $700   3s – $1033   4s – $1700

Wednesday, 14th Grandparent Day for Book Fair

Friday, 16th Parent/ Teacher Conferences – School Closed

Wednesday, 28th Spring Break begins after classes


What’s Happening This Month …………………



Mrs. G and Mrs. Howe’s class will talk about Groundhog’s Day with crafts and songs as we discuss the season of winter and the upcoming spring. Then, hearts will be aflutter this month.  We will talk about the colors red, pink and white and talk about the meaning of Valentine’s Day.  Your little one’s are just amazing!


This month the threes will get busy right away making Valentines for their grandparents.  We will let the children talk about where their grandparents live and how they think their valentine will get to them.
Please send in a #10 envelope with grandparent’s name and address.  Put your little ones name in the corner.  Don’t forget a stamp.  On February 9th our class will walk to the mailbox on Regester Avenue and mail our cards ourselves.  This is such fun!  In addition, we will be starting our Show N Tell this month.  A Show ‘N Tell calendar came home on Friday.  Do check it and see when your child has his/her turn.  In conjunction with this activity, we will be talking about the “w” words: why, when, where and who.  This is how we will learn to ask a ‘question’.  Do come in when your child has a turn as it is so adorable. We will be having a Valentine’s Party so look out for the note coming home.  At the end of the month, we will start our Wacky Wednesdays which are such fun.  Every Wednesday we will do something else that is wacky….”hair day”, “different sock day”, “backwards day”.  February may be a short month, but it sure will be busy and lots of fun!


Mrs. Pullias’ class will begin February with a few fun Groundhog’s Day activities and then introduce our unit on The Post Office.  We will learn about mail delivery, addresses, zip codes and many other sequencing, reading, writing and matching activities.  We will also open our very own “Dulaney Day Post Office”.  On February 14th, our Valentine’s Day will include a special “Celebration of Friendship”.  We will then begin our unit on The Dentist to help us learn about keeping our teeth clean and healthy.  Of course, we will also open the Dulaney Day Dentist Office.  Please feel free to come in for a check-up!  Our Amazing Alphabet Adventure will continue with the letters O, P, Q and R and we are beginning our special “Reader of the Week” program.  February may be the shortest month, but we are filling it up with many fun activities.


Extended Day

Of course, we will be getting ready for Valentine’s Day!  With spring in our thoughts, we will learn about the sun and see if we can entice it to send warmer days our way. Just a reminder, Lunch Bunch is until 1pm for $10 and extended day is until 3pm for $27. Let us know if you need more envelopes!

Director’s Notes

A flyer went home last week for Dulaney Day Extended. It is a science, nature, art and music program. Mrs. Klein has offered this program for several years and it is wonderful.  It is scheduled for the three weeks following the last day of school in May.  Space is limited so send in your form.  If you need a new one, it is on our website or just ask me for a new one.

Where: Fellowship Hall at Dulaney Day School

When: Tuesday, May 29th – Friday, June 15th

What Time: 9:30am – 12:00pm.


The third semester tuition is due by March 1st.

2s – $700

3s – $1033

4s – $1700


If you are looking for a fabulous photographer for your family, Jessica Watts is amazing! Her daughter, Eloise is in our 3s class.  She generously took pictures for me to post on our website.  Be on the lookout!

Watts Photography, LLC