Extended Day

Before and After School Care

In addition to the regular scheduled classes, DULANEY DAY PRESCHOOL will provide care and supervision for children currently enrolled in our school. The EXTENDED DAY will operate from 12 noon – 3:00p.m. It is offered to “all” children enrolled in Dulaney Day Preschool, even on afternoons when a child does not attend class in the morning. {i.e. “2’s” and “3’s” may attend Extended Day on ‘any’ afternoon, Monday through Friday.} Our EXTENDED DAY program will include a variety of recreational, leisure and play activities appropriate to the ages and needs of the children enrolled.

The Staff for the EXTENDED DAY will include a Group Supervisor and Director. This program is not merely custodial, but rather provides each child with an enriching group of experiences. Creative care is one of the high priority goals of this school. We want our children to be mannerly, neat and well-behaved, but not restricted or frustrated in personality development by much attention to trivial detail. In addition, we strive to encourage each child to be civilized, but not suppressed; motivated, but not goal obsessed; and, able to express anger without harming others. It is the desire of DULANEY DAY PRESCHOOL to plan activities that will take place during the EXTENDED DAY program so they will alternate daily between “quiet” ones (small muscle control) and “noisy” ones (large muscle control).

Fees for the EXTENDED DAY program shall be $30.00 for the three hour session, payable in advance. There will be Extended Day envelopes available at all times. It is encouraged to sign up in advance since the room is limited to ten (10) children. Lunches will be provided by the parent/guardian and will be refrigerated at school. Because we are a NUT FREE facility, lunches must be free of any product that contains nuts or has been produced on machines that process products with nuts. In addition, Dulaney Day Preschool will provide a snack during the three hour period.

We also offer a “before school” drop-off at 8:30a.m. This program is available the entire school year and there is no need to sign up in advance. The cost of this option is $5.00 and payable the day your little one attends.

“Just Lunch Bunch” is from 12:00pm-1:00pm. The fee for Just Lunch Bunch is $10.00.